I’m in the business of writing, and I believe that writing is words changing the world. 

The words we put into the world affect others, so we have a responsibility to choose and deploy them with purpose and compassion.

Here is where I gather the words I have chosen. I hope that, with you, I can put more of them into the world.

I am primarily a content writer for health, lifestyle, and most things geek. I use the magic of words to engage your clients, empower your business, and tell your story.

This is how I make a living. 

The call of healership didn’t end at the hospital. I do tarot readings to help people find clarity in complicated situations, make balanced choices, and live in good juju.

This is how I touch lives.

In between, I actually go out and do things. Here you’ll find reviews of my favorite books, adventures I’ve been on in magical worlds, and my own stories told in poetry and prose.

This is how life looks to me. 

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