First Look Club: Reina reviews Vox

On language: the average person says approximately 16,000 words a day. Vox’s hundred-word limit for women is less than 1% of that! Here’s a concrete example: this paragraph is exactly one hundred words. Imagine how unfair it is to have every day’s speech be limited to only this paragraph.

Further, a vital thing that sets humans apart from animals is the gene for organized language. To remove communication is to remove what makes us human – the ability to interact with others, express ourselves, and document our existence. The cage Vox’s world puts women into isn’t only unfair, it’s dehumanizing.

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First Look Club: Reina reviews The Restless Girls

The stand the princesses make is for the right to walk the land and follow their passions in peace. If they ever raised a fuss about taking the throne, it wasn’t out of greed for control, but out of their royal obligation to serve the realm.

It’s a subtle expression of the concept that feminism has never been about women stealing power away from men, but rather about women having the right to live as they please – and to have a fair shot at jobs they’re certainly qualified for.

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Reina reviews To the Sun, Moon, and Stars

Beautiful in its bravery, To the Sun, Moon, and Stars is the first book by Filipina author Cariza Opana. The book is a collection of poetry and prose from the author’s old blog, Paper Antlers.

To the Sun, Moon, and Stars is a book you’ll come back to when you’re lonely, because like the celestial figures it was named for, it makes you feel like somebody out there sees your struggle and you are not alone.

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