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8 Empowering Reads for Women by Women
Ladies are at their strongest when they’re lifting up other ladies. Some women do that using their words and stories!
8 Sizzling Summer Reads this May
Vacations and down time during the summer season provide the perfect opportunity to make a dent in your to-be-read pile, or to add to it! Whether you’re taking a book to the beach or chilling in your room with the AC way up, here are 8 summer reads to look forward to in May!
First Look Club: Reina reviews Magic for Liars
It’s only half about liars and even less about magic, and wholly about two estranged sisters, Ivy and Tabitha Gamble. The equally pressing questions of whodunnit and will-they-or-won’t-they-be-sisters-again will keep you turning the pages of Sarah Gailey’s debut novel, Magic for Liars!
First Look Club: Reina reviews The Big Nine
It’s convenient when our machines know us deeply enough to ensure life is always set to our preferences. But that means that the people behind our machines know about us deeply too. And The Big Nine: How the Tech Titans & Their Thinking Machines Could Warp Humanity by Amy Webb has some pretty dire things to say about that.
First Look Club: Reina reviews The Restless Girls
Trapped in grief and loneliness, the twelve princesses discover a magical underground palace where they are free to dance every night – and where they find the courage to fight for their right to rule as princesses and to live as free women.

First Look Club: Reina reviews Vox
The true horror of Vox and the society it suggests isn’t the outrage when you think of the way things used to be, or the hopelessness of being unable to speak up and change anything. It’s the concept of a future generation who will experience neither hopelessness nor outrage because they’ve accepted voicelessness, inequality, and oppression as normal.

First Look Club: Reina reviews What If It’s Us
What are the chances you’ll meet The One while he’s dropping off a breakup box at the post office? This fateful afternoon between two distant souls placed deliberately into each other’s orbits sets the stage for Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera’s new collaboration – and poses the question – What If It’s Us?

Review: Circe by Madeline Miller (included in
Best devoured, digested, and savored again, Circe is a story about magic, power, and womanhood – and all the ways they are one and the same.

Review: Seafire by Natalie C. Parker
Shut your eyes and picture a ship with a crew consisting entirely of girls. I don’t mean a ship captained by a girl, or a ship whose officers are girls. I’m talking an entire crew, from the captain to the officers, the engineers and the sharpshooters, down to the cook and the person who drains the waste from the ship, consisting entirely of girls. Seafire is the story of a woman’s world, not of women excelling in a man’s world.

Review: The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas (included in
The Hate U Give covers a lot of ground: the grim necessity of the Black Lives Matter movement, what it’s like growing up in a predominantly black neighborhood plagued by gang wars, struggling to reconcile that with life as a black kid in an affluent private school, dealing with unintentional and intentional racism from peers, and making interracial relationships work.

Manila International Book Fair Survival Guide
To get the most out of MIBF, you’ll need to pay attention to how you’re developing as a reader, and be more deliberate in using MIBF to grow in that direction. If you’re new to the MIBF scene, or if you’re looking for tips to make your MIBF trips more high-yield and efficient, here are ten humble bits of wisdom that I dare to impart.


5 Fire Emblem: Awakening Strategies Based on The Art of War
You best believe nothing can make me feel like a queen militant more than a Fire Emblem playthrough. Booting up my 3DS is almost like walking into a war room, maps on the table and moving figures and all. The Art of War is a classic, timeless strategy guide that works in so many situations. Applying it to a fun tactical role-playing game is just another perfect venue to apply ancient principles that never actually get old.

Gateway: How Entering the World of TTRPGs Impacts Mental Health
“It’s more than just a game,” the tabletop RPG nerds will tell you. Even taking first few steps in a new fantasy world leads to strides in overcoming mental health issues. Real players share with us how, in under a year, tabletop roleplaying has helped them take significant steps out of the darkness of mental illness and into the light.

Geek Gift Guides

15 Useful and Unique Geek Gifts (All Under $100!)
Let’s be real, does one person need a dozen Batman action figures? And just how many Star Wars shirts from the department store can you gift someone without seeming like a cop-out? For when the gift-giving season rolls around, we’ve put together a list of 15 useful and unique geek gifts, all under $100!

20 Perfect Presents for Pokémon Lovers
Don’t fret – even Pokémon veterans sometimes find it hard to go shopping for their Pokémon Trainer buddies! No matter what your level of passion of the game, this list is here to help you shop for the perfect present for your Pokémon-obsessed friend.