includes six (6) tarot cards + minimum of one (1) oracle card


40 USD

PayPal or BPI deposit accepted. Calls via Facebook Messenger or Zoom.


1500 PHP

Venues: Grace Mall, Bonifacio High Street, Serendra, SM Aura

Queries on how to improve your career, grow your business, or boost your income. A step-by-step spread that starts with your current financial situation and shows you a path to prosperity. 

  1. Current Financial Situation
  2. Sources of New Income
  3. Opportunities to Harness
  4. What to Leave Behind
  5. What to Chase
  6. What the Universe Wants For You

The Abundance Builder is a spread that helps you climb the pyramid of financial success, brick by brick. It takes you from your current career, business, or financial situation and walks you through several advice cards until you achieve the potential that the Universe sees in you.  

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