I'm a professional freelance writer in Manila for health, lifestyle, and most things geek!

Here’s where I’m coming from: I write because I love to read.

I love how words and stories can move a person to do something new: change a worldview, visit a location, buy a product.

So I want to write content that will make people do things.

And this is what I want for you:

I want to fill your blog with content that is interesting, fun, and useful to your customers.

I want them to come to your site because you provided information they needed 

– and to stay for hours because they want more of what they found.

I want your clients to discover your story, and be moved to be a part of it!

If this is exactly what you need from your content writer, then hire me to create your blog articles and other forms of online content! 

I think we’d make some real magic together. 🙂

See where in the world my words have made their homes!


Writing is words changing the world, and you'll want your words to affect change in your favor.

My pieces are SEO-optimized as well as reader-friendly, informative while being entertaining, and always focused on value and quality.

The endgame is to engage your readers and keep them clicking around for more!


Your business, your brand, or your cause has a story to tell, and most likely you also have a way you want to tell it.

I use my adaptable writing voice and editorial foresight to harness your truths and make your narrative work for you.


I talk big about magic, but my writing style is actually very methodical and scientific.

As a nurse, I'm used to translating technical knowledge into relatable, easily-digestible language.

I'll walk your readers through all the ifs and thens from Point A to B to C, so they'll always go home having learned something real and valuable.

Health content

I write well-researched content about medicine, fitness, nutrition, health insurance, and other related topics.

View health writing samples!

Lifestyle content

I create various forms of content on fashion, beauty, home, relationships, personal development, and others.

View lifestyle writing samples!

Geek content

I am a proud nerd and can write at length about fandoms, literature, film, TV, video games and tabletop games.

View geek writing samples!

Content management

I once built a content team from scratch. True story.

Make me an offer if you need a boss witch to manage operations for your content team!


I have a meticulous eye and an editorial vision for my own pieces.

Both are at your service if you've got the words and just need a little extra magic!

Custom projects

Like my style but have something else in mind?

Sign me up for an adventure if you want to work on something outside these boxes!

What’s it like to work with me? Take their word for it!

My words read like a friend who gives practical advice,

like that one teacher who makes every class feel like a discovery,

like a real person having a conversation with you.

I’d love to write quality content for you, and I’m positive we’d make some rad magic together.

If you’re likewise convinced, send me a message to get started!

The Universe brought you here for a reason. It probably thinks we’d be good together!

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